We have now released all of the county pages under the Indiana Resources tab!

Please let it be known that these pages are still under construction, but we wanted to share as much information as we could with you.  Over the next few months, we hope to complete these pages so that everyone who visits has one stop for any information they may need.

Thank you to everyone who has visited or messaged our Facebook page.  We definitely appreciate your support.  Please continue to visit our Facebook page for updates as they become available.

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Volunteers Needed!

IPBRC is looking for a few dedicated volunteers for the following:

1.  Data Collection:  We will need 7 to 10 or more very detailed oriented people for to accomplish this as the information is for the entire State.  We have 92 counties to cover in Indiana.   With 7 people on this task, it will give each individual no more than 15 counties each to collect data for.  This, itself, is a daunting task, but one that we desperately need to get done to be able to help more Indiana Pit Bulls.

2.  Data Entry into Word Press as it is collected.

We currently already have a lot of information that we are currently inputting.

We are asking that these individuals be very detail oriented and able to work well with limited supervision.  These volunteer positions will require up to 3 to 5 hours a week until we have completed the entire state of Indiana.  100% of the work can be completed by computer and/or telephone.

We will soon have more volunteer opportunities.
Sign up to volunteer here:

Volunteer Form

Thank you for helping us work to save more Indiana Pit Bulls!